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Utility procurement process explainedPowerExperts are a leading independent UK procurement broker helping all commercial based companies achieve optimum prices for their utilities.

Gain control of all your expenses utilising our unique health checks from our expert advisors. You can compare prices from the whole market in a matter of minutes for all utilities including mobile phones, broadband, electricity, and gas.

Our solutions help many thousands of businesses make savings on their costs each year from our established impartial methodologies.

Pricing and switching guides

Electricity comparison services

Compare all suppliers for single and multi-site meter operations. Obtain prices as low as 7.5p/kWh and 20p per day standing charge.

Electricity Prices Information

Compare gas prices

If you're paying more than 2.72p/kWh you can make savings today. Check gas prices for your business online in 60 seconds or less.

Gas Pricing Information

Should you use a comparison service?

For years, homeowners have been able to use a variety of online tools to compare various insurance products and switch online. The same services for utilities are now available for business owners.

PowerExperts have developed software using years of industry knowledge to compare tariffs from all the UK's leading providers. When comparing products, bear in mind the following points:

  • Have your latest bills available to improve quote accuracy.
  • Check the options included in any deal.
  • Ensure comparison sites compare all providers.
  • The cheapest deals are always available online.
  • Never pay a commission for using these services.
  • Your new provider manages the switching process.

If you switch to a different energy provider, make a note of any meter readings at the changeover date. Most mobile contracts last for 24 months although you can start the switching process three months before the end date. Energy contracts work in a similar manner.

Are all providers the same?

Selecting the lowest price for energy is the preferred option for the majority of the four million SMEs in the UK. There's simply no "premium" option available to improve the quality of the energy provided and utilised.

Larger corporations with the highest usage may require advanced energy management solutions to aid efficiency. The savings made from efficiency and favourable contract terms far outway the cost of any broker service.

Telecommunications services are moving towards commodity pricing, but the offerings are still distinct by each provider. Contract terms range from 12 to 24 months. Inclusive data bundles can add significant cost while download speeds vary considerably by provider and region. Here are our tips:

  • Research your options carefully before signing a contract as you can't cancel once they're live.
  • Smaller businesses opt for the lowest rates.
  • Larger companies may require additional services.
  • Telco products still vary by speed and provider.
  • Competition in all markets ensures prices are low.

Why use PowerExperts?

Lower bills for all customers

At PowerExperts, we guarantee to lower your bills if you use more than 90,000kWh per year on energy or have more than 50 mobile phones. If you're an SME with a contract more than one-year-old, we can also reduce your costs. Here's how:

  • Exclusive tariffs not available anywhere else ensures we provide you with the cheapest rates available.
  • Bespoke pricing for larger customers using the open wholesale market for energy and group buying for telecoms.
  • Impartial advice because we simply want to help our customers get the best deal. We won't sell you something irrelevant and expensive to boost our commissions. You're under no obligation to take any of the offers we suggest.
  • Management software can be installed at your premises to monitor usage and spend. This is free to half hourly metered customers on tariffs brokered by ourselves.
  • Latest offers are posted on our Twitter, Facebook, and G+ pages so you can keep up to date with industry changes.

Whole of market comparison

Energy provider logos

Using our vast industry knowledge, we'll find you the most appropriate supplier for your utilities. We have deals with British Gas, Npower, EDF, Eon, Ovo, Spark, Gazprom, Dong, CNG, Opus, First Utility, O2, Vodafone, BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet, and many more.