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The market for business electricity is extremely competitive. can quickly negotiate competitive prices for your business and could save you 70% on your current bill.

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Through our relationships with utility companies we have access to exclusive, market leading deals. Our brokers have negotiated some incredible rates to make sure your organisation gets the best possible price.

How to get the Cheapest Rates

1) Obtain Today's Latest Prices

Current pricing information can be obtained at any time during your contract. However, you can only switch once you have terminated your current agreement (information here).

Once termination occurs you can switch providers or tariffs to avoid costly rollover contracts. Ensure you do make the switch otherwise you will be placed onto costly "out of contract" rates.

2) Fixed Your Rates for One to Three Years

All contracts function on a fixed rate/fixed time basis. SMEs can choose between one, two and three year fixed rate contract terms.

Pricing is approximately 6% higher for each additional year you extend your terms. Having a three year term could protect you against future increases in wholesale prices over the entire period of your agreement.

How to Ensure Your Invoice is Accurate

Many companies and individuals complain their bills are inaccurate because of estimated readings. All premises on half hourly meters are exempt from these issues as their meter is automatically read every 30 minutes. Invoice validation software also ensures consumption from the meter is reflected in your invoices. For everyone else there are steps to ensure your bills are accurate.

Check Your Bills

Standard electricity bills are simple to understand. The consumption in kWh is taken between two dates and the difference is charged. The example below shows a previous meter reading of 40,288 and current reading of 45,081 providing consumption at 4,793kWh.

meter readings for electricity

This is multiplied by the unit rate (in this case 11.49p) to provide the charge. How many kilowatt hours are used is based upon the appliances and electrical devices you have at your premises. Light bulbs use about 81kWh per year with a computer using 504 kWh per year.

example of electricity invoice

Provide Meter Readings in Your Account

All invoices are driven from accurate meter readings. Although a physical reading may be undertaken from a qualified representative of the energy provider these are less common. It's vital you read your own meters and enter the data into your online account as shown below.

entering meter readings online

Your online account will shown previous readings to help manage your consumption. Direct debits will automatically adjust on your consumption data.

Tips on Comparing Prices and Reducing Your Bills

Securing The Cheapest Deals

Sometimes it's not all about getting the cheapest prices. You may require management software, UK customer services, online account management and billing, and accurate invoices. All suppliers we deal with have UK based customer services and allow you to enter meter readings online. They also provide excellent energy efficiency information to help cut usage and consumption.

To get the lowest prices for your business either complete our online quote form or call our team on 08444 721567.

Switching Your Business Tariff to Save Money

Switching to a new supplier, or even just to a new contract, is easy. Once you have chosen your tariff your selected provider will complete all the paperwork for you. During this process there is no loss in your supply. Once switched, your new contract will be reflected in your new bill.

High Demand Increases Prices

The wholesale market for UK electricity fluctuates on a daily basis depending on demand on the National Grid. A quote today may not be the same as a price next week. We have access to live market pricing information and can advise on the most favourable timing to ensure you obtain the lowest tariff prices for the next year.

Our advisors can also manage your switch. We provide a free, no-obligation service to UK businesses online and on 08444 721567, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Example Prices

You may be offered very low rates by some brokers but the cheapest tariffs are for larger users. For SMEs, unit prices are, on average, 9.5p/kWh with a standing charge of 25p/day. All businesses pay VAT at 20% on their energy bills (against residential customers who pay 5% VAT).

For SMEs with 03 type meters with an average consumption of 15,000 kWh per year we have achieved the following recent prices:

  • unit price of 8.68 p/kWh with a standing charge of 23.70 p/ day
  • 9.07p and 24.23p
  • 9.25p and 23.64p
  • 9.03p and 23.61p

For our last 20 customers the average unit price is 9.39p per kWh with a daily standing charge of 22.59p. The average annual bill is £1,476 plus VAT. A recent customer on a 04 type meter with an annual consumption of 25,000 kWh per year got 6.74 p/kWh with a daily standing charge of 23.34p - one of the lowest contract rates we've seen this year.