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Energy franchising opportunities

If you're looking for a franchise in the UK energy market, then the PowerExperts EnergyMax™ could be what you're looking for. This industry leading and cost-effective solution offers a completely integrated package from customer quote to final accepted contract.

The programme in detail

Like all franchising opportunities, the PowerExperts franchise requires an affordable upfront investment to access the technology platform and expert industry knowledge. You can either use the system directly with your customers via your call centres, or as a "white label" integrated into your website.

High demand and growth industry

The demand for comparison pricing for businesses is growing yearly. More business owners are looking to reduce their utility costs while using an industry expert to locate the right contract.

There are over 4 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK with over 450,000 new companies formed each year. Most businesses require gas, electricity, and telecoms utilities with a fair contract price.

What can EnergyMax™ do for my customers?

Some of the largest brokers in the UK helped develop EnergyMax, and now generate many thousands of customer contracts each week. You'll be able to start using the system immediately with your own pricing book. Alternatively, we can provide access to the pricing matrices from the "Big Six" suppliers and other independents without the need to directly negotiate with them.

  • Both business and residential schemes are available.
  • Ability to quote live prices online or via the telephone.
  • Shared commission structure based on sales made.
  • Payments made monthly in arrears.
  • Produce legal contracts electronically with accepted electronic signatures.
  • Use the favourable tariff agreements we have in place with the power companies.
  • Full training and system user defined reporting.
  • Master area franchises are also available.

With this franchise, you pay an upfront fee for access and a monthly maintenance charge. The monthly subscription covers the cost of uploading new tariff structures, supplier contract submissions, and technology improvements. You earn a percentage commission on each sale you make once the provider has made payment.

Fully integrated Customer Management System (CMS)

You'll be able to monitor all customer quotes, contracts, and notes within a comprehensive CMS. The data is always owned and managed by yourself with no external interference.

Main PowerMax™ portal picture

Your job as a franchisee is to sell contracts. The system automatically manages the entire back-end processing, the switching and sign up process on your behalf. The quoting tool will be completely free for your customers to use. You can also run various reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to see just how you're performing.

Sample energy management reports

You'll receive the commissions you earn the month after we receive payment from the energy company that your customer has chosen to use.

Obtain matrix pricing in under three seconds

To get a quote your customer just needs to enter their company name, their postcode and estimated annual consumption then they'll see a range of offers available. If they're happy with these prices, they can then apply online. You'll see all of this information in your reports and online portal.

Example customer data

Who can apply for this franchise?

Whether you're already working in this industry and require our CMS, tariff agreements and online quoting tools or are new to this market, you can apply. If you're looking for a new career opportunity to take advantage of the competitive energy industry, then this could be for you. We currently have openings in most areas of the UK including London, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham. Ask us about your area today to check availability.

What regions are currently available?

There are both master and local agreements available within the UK and USA. The following master areas are currently available:

  • United Kingdom: Leeds, Manchester, London/ M25 area, Scotland.
  • USA: Texas, Illinois.

Current areas under negotiation include New York State and West Midlands in the UK.

How to apply for this franchise

If you're interested in running the PowerExperts franchise, then please contact us online or call our office on 0844 472 1567 for availability in your region. We offer master franchise agreements as well as full training in the energy industry.

The franchising market

There are nearly 1,000 individual schemes in the UK employing over 550,000 people. Revenues from all operations account for 1% of the UK's GDP at £14 billion. The market has increased nearly 8% over the past five years with almost 40,000 units active.

The five largest franchises are 7-Eleven, Subway, McDonald's, KFC and Spar supermarkets. The largest non-food B2B operation is for Mail Boxes Etc., which is now owned by UPS.

Page last updated: 25th April 2016

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