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SME and commercial phone packages

Telecommunications network diagramOne of the most critical support tools for a business are its telecommunications systems for staff and customers. Using the professional services team at PowerExperts helps you source industry leading suppliers for all your requirements.

Choose from: Cloud computing, ADSL, telephone numbers, WLR3 Billing, VoIP and leased Ethernet lines.

For broadband services, you can select tariffs on price and speed although some options have restrictive download limits.

Use this guide to find the most appropriate phone line and call packages for your business. See the costs below, or use one of the links above to jump to a section.

Business line rental packages

With new entrants and continued competition, now is the time to think about changing your phone line provider.

The following chart shows the basic line rental cost, the rates for anytime calls to UK landlines and mobile phones, and the cost for a basic broadband connection. All contracts for standard broadband are for 12 months (except BT) with most fibre contracts lasting 24 months.

Cheapest line rental prices for businesses chart

Provider Line rent Call plan Contract Broadband
Plusnet £12.50 £12.00 12 months £1.99
BT £15.90 £10.00 24 months £5.00
Toople £19.50 £4.50 12 months Incl.
XLN £16.95 Incl. 12 months Incl.
TalkTalk £16.95 £7.00 12 months £6.00

Call plan package information

Prices quoted exclude VAT and are per month. The anytime call costs quoted are for unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles. The broadband service included is basic ADSL and not fibre.

Plusnet includes unlimited landline calls but only 500 minutes to mobiles and 20 international countries. Upgrade to 1,000 minutes for an additional £19 per month.

Things to consider with phone line rental bundles

Although choosing the cheapest line rental provider seems obvious, it's worth considering the following when selecting the company you want.

UK customer services

It's unlikely you'll have any problems with your phone line or broadband connection, but if you do, you'll want a fast and coherent response.

TalkTalk and BT outsource their technical support to overseas call centres whereas Plusnet, XLN and Toople have UK-based teams.

Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles

You'll not pay for any calls from your office or shop to other UK landlines and mobile phones for a small additional monthly fee.

This service can reduce your costs substantially if you make frequent calls. All operators provide such a service but the price differs greatly among the providers.

Perhaps most expensive is BT while Plusnet only allows 500 minutes in their call plan.

Additional telephone services

Depending on what your company needs may rule out some operators. For example, do you require a static IP address to host your website, or an IVR switchboard, or mobile phones for your employees?

Bundling your requirements could include additional discounts, so check all your requirements before selecting a line rental offer.

Broadband and business mobile phone bundles

Adding broadband to your phone line

The cost of broadband services has fallen in recent years. Comparing the latest plans could save you money and include additional services such as unlimited usages and free Wi-Fi minutes.

The BT Group support all wired broadband services in the UK with small margins via their Openreach division. Current packages also include free landline calls including free hotspot Wi-Fi products.

Find out further information on business broadband packages from your current provider.

Inclusive mobile phone products

Mobile phone packages from the major network operators include unlimited data access to email, internet browsing, and online usage. Although you can find six and 12-month contracts, you'll usually find the lowest prices on 18 or 24-month terms.

You can choose from the EE network as well as Vodafone, BT, O2, and Three.

See how much you can save on business mobile phones starting at £17 per month for a sim-only deal.

How to reduce the cost of telecom charges in your business

How are market prices trending?

As with all business costs, it's worth comparing telecommunications prices on a regular basis. Even if you believe your current contract offers value for money, you may be surprised at how prices have fallen in recent years.

The competitive nature of the industry means broadband is available for as little as £10 per month. Smaller businesses will also receive free modems, routers, and Wi-Fi hotspot connections.

The most affordable business mobile plans are as low as £25 per month. For this price, you should receive 1,000 or more call minutes per month. Most operators also include unlimited texts, calls between account users, and generous data allowances.

All operators include a range of handsets at no additional charge.

How can I get the best package?

There's no loyalty in the telecoms industry. All the best offers are for those businesses that switch supplier rather than remain on their current contract.

To switch broadband, you'll need the 17 or 19-character MAC code from your current provider. With mobiles, you'll need a PAC code. Consumer law and Ofgem regulations mean your supplier must provide these codes within a reasonable time. When you call for either of these codes, you'll likely be passed through to the retentions team at your provider. If you call at their quarter or year-end, they'll entice you to stay with favourable deals. Be prepared to try to cancel as the best offers are only available from the various retentions teams.

If you do decide to switch, then the process is handled for you. It takes just a few weeks, and you can keep your current equipment if required.

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