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Compare business mobile contracts

Mobile phones stacked on each otherGetting the best contracts for your business mobile phones is something that takes just a couple of minutes.

It doesn't matter if you're a small business or a large commercial corporation, PowerExperts could save you money today. All the major mobile operators, such as EE, O2, BT, and Vodafone, offer businesses great deals on short-term contracts.

We have access to tariffs from 12 months that include free handsets from Blackberry, Apple iPhone, HTC, Nokia, and Samsung. Call our business mobile team on 0844 472 1567 for the latest deals.

Continue reading this extensive guide to find the right tariff and handsets for your business, or use the links above to jump straight to the section to learn more.

Guide to find the right network provider and contract plan

Should you change provider?

Get connected with the latest smartphones on any networkThe cost of monthly mobile phone contracts is continually reducing. Most business tariffs start at £25 + VAT per month. If you're paying more, need more inclusive minutes, improved network coverage or need to upgrade your handsets then switching networks could pay dividends.

Once you've found a new deal, you'll need to obtain a Porting Authority Code (PAC) from your current provider.

Inclusive deals and promotions

View the latest mobile phone deals availableOur phone plans include unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and at least 4GB of data. Most also give you access to more than 20,000 BT Wi-Fi hotspots. Vodafone is offering these terms together with a free iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 for £39.17 per month.

Everything Everywhere (EE) plans start at under £30 per month including unlimited texts and minutes. Our business mobile team handles all contract paperwork and switching. You keep your current telephone number unless otherwise required.

Step by step process for changing supplier

  • Step 1: Know when your contract expires as usually you can only move in the last months of an existing agreement.
  • Step 2: Use a comparison service or knowledgeable broker to compare prices and options of all the telephone operators.
  • Step 3: As all contracts include unlimited texts, voice, and European roaming calls, decide on the data usage you need for high-speed broadband access on the move.
  • Step 4: Choose a new handset or opt for a sim-only deal and use your existing handset.
  • Step 5: Select the network operator that provides fast and reliable 4G in the areas you most visit. These locations likely include your home, office and most visited motorway routes.
  • Step 6: Find a tariff that suits your needs. Some include insurance and replacement handsets.
  • Step 7: Contact your new operator to make the switch.

Although that appears to be a lengthy process, it's prudent to answer each of the questions to exactly match your requirements to the offers available. Download this business mobile switching checklist spreadsheet to manage your move to your new tariff.

Should I sign for a 12 or 24-month contract?

It can be difficult to know where to start if you're searching for new deals. Contracts lengths vary, inclusive minutes and texts vary, and the types of handsets available can be restrictive.

Business users can get short term six or 12-month contracts. More common are 18, 24 or even 36-month contracts.

The longer the term usually means the monthly cost is slightly less but not in all circumstances. Call our specialist mobile team on 0844 472 1567 to find the best deal for your business.

Benefits of each network operator

EE Business

The new EE formed from the merger of T-mobile and Orange in 2015. They have the largest 4G coverage in the UK and currently owned by BT, although marketed as a distinct brand.

  • 4G available in more places than any other UK network
  • The fastest 4G network in the UK (source: RouteMetrics)
  • Largest operator in the UK
  • Inclusive EU roaming on all business plans
  • Free phone replacement on faulty devices for 24 months
  • Wi-fi calling at home or the underground
  • Business Value Plans from £23 per month
  • 10GB Sim only deals from £17 per month

BT Business Mobiles

The current BT network is the same as EE since BT purchased this group recently.

  • Free data at 5 million UK BT Wi-fi hotspots
  • Access to EE's 4G network, covering 75% of the UK landmass
  • Use your UK monthly calls, texts and data in the EU for no extra charge
  • Next working day replacement for warranty faults
  • Plans start at £23 per month
  • 3 GB Sim only deal from £16 per month


Vodafone is rated the number one operator in the UK of all networks for voice calls and first in London for voice and data.

  • Use your UK data, minutes and texts in Europe Zones at no extra cost
  • Ability to share unused data amongst users in your group
  • Basic plans start at £18 per month

O2 Business Essentials

The second largest mobile phone operator in the UK is O2 with 25.3 million subscribers. Their entry-level business plan offers the following as standard:

  • Free Wi-fi at 1,000s of hotspots
  • Free tickets to concerts and discounts in shops
  • 20GB Sim only plan at £17 per month
  • Tariffs start at £21 per month

Cheapest mobile plans for small businesses

Below are the current cheapest deals by each provider. All provide unlimited UK minutes and texts.

Provider Example Handset Data £/ Month
Vodafone Galaxy J3 500MB £18
BT SoloValue iPhone SE 32GB 2GB £23
EE Value Nokia 3 2GB £23
Three Huawei E5573 15GB £13.32
O2 HTC Desire 3GB £21

What should you consider when choosing your plan?

What you use your phone for will dictate the type of contract required. Email takes little in data transfer so some of the data limits could be sufficient for everyday usage. If your business uses the phone mainly for voice calls, then choose a tariff with more inclusive minutes. Here are some of the things to check:

  • Consider the network coverage in the places where you and your employees are most likely to be. Network coverage varies greatly outside the major city centres.
  • Ask yourself what the most fundamental elements of a mobile tariff are for you. Is it inclusive minutes, texts, mobile internet browsing or the type of phone you want to use. For example, will your employees need a standard phone or perhaps one that integrates a diary and schedule?
  • Current internet browsing limits are quite small and video creates a large demand on your cap.
  • Check if wireless dongles are included to save the cost to your business.
  • Some tariffs offer free laptop computers if you sign up for a longer term contract although the specifications are generally quite low.
  • Some sites offer certain cash back rewards when you order through them which could discount your plan even further.
  • The fastest and widest 4G network is provided by EE although other providers are investing £billions in this area. If speed is a requirement, then check the EE offers first.

Our advice is to speak with a specialist first. If you require more than ten handsets, then cheaper overall pricing can be negotiated. If you're a sole user, then we can still obtain the lowest prices in the UK.

Call our specialist time now on 0844 472 1567 quoting reference PECU111007 for today's offer.

Prices exclude VAT. Sources of prices and information outlined above: