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Terms and Conditions

This page informs you about the terms and conditions you agree to while accessing the PowerExperts website and contract agreements.

You should read this page carefully before you use the information contained on our site and before using the quoting system. If you do not agree with these terms, then please do not use this site.

Terms and Definitions

The following words bolded have specific meanings in this agreement.

Broker or agent is someone acting on your behalf and completes a contract with an energy provider. Although anyone in the UK may act as a broker only a small number are registered as a Third Party Intermediary on the Utilities Intermediaries Association code of conduct.

Business is a company incorporated and registered at Companies House. Any contract formed must be agreed to by an authorised party of that company.

PowerExperts and Company is an organisation with an address at Spectrum House, Dunstable Road, Redbourn, St Albans, Hertfordshire. AL3 7PR.

Contract means the written agreement between a business and energy provider.

Energy Provider is the company that holds your contract.

Impartial means that we present you with all available offers and that we have no favouritism given to any provider in the market.

No obligation indicates there is no contract made by you interacting with our quoting services provided on an information only basis.

Termination is the process undertaken to sever a current agreement.

Ofgem means the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets in the UK and is the industry regulator to ensure fair play.

Our Price Guarantee

We guarantee to beat the renewal offer you receive from your current supplier. If not, you receive the gift card mentioned on the quote form. This offer does not apply to phone quotes.

General Notice of Usage

The services provided incur no charges or fees above any contract derived that we procure on an impartial and no obligation basis.

There are never any contracts between this site and yourselves at any time.

We'll provide you with the necessary information to make an informed choice for your business. Your chosen energy provider will contract each fuel with your business directly. Although we may prepare contracts on your behalf, these are between yourself and the provision of your service. To procure a new contract, you'll need to perform a termination of your current agreement. We can help facilitate this process on your behalf.

PowerExperts, or your broker, may perform certain tasks to obtain pricing information and procure the end contract. We undertake the procurement process in good faith based upon the data and information provided to us. You should ensure the complete accuracy of this data to avoid potential supply interruptions or delays in the future. Failure to act could affect your ability to change supplier in good time.

You agree that PowerExperts can liaise and pass your information to third-party suppliers. We adhere to the Data Protection Act 1988 for privacy protection. Full details are available in our privacy policy with regards to data usage.

We provide no claims or warranties by using the services of this website or personnel from PowerExperts. There are no guarantees implied by using our services. The title and ownership of the data provided by the business to PowerExperts remain the property the company.

Ofgem regulates the entire energy industry.

Information Copyright

PowerExperts own the copyright of all the content on this site. You may not copy any of the content and publish it anywhere else unless you have our expressed permission. Please use our contact form if you wish to use any information for your own purposes.

Your Rights

Additionally above any rights previously assigned in these terms, you have the right to use the information presented on this website for your own personal use. We provide the content available to view on an "as is" basis and can not be held liable for the accuracy of any data and how you use it.

You may not use the information for any commercial gain or financial gain. You may not assign any rights to another third-party.

Liability and Disclaimer

The information provided on this site does not constitute a contract for services. If you choose to act on anything contained on the website www.powerexperts.co.uk you do so at your own risk. Our company is not liable for any damages, consequential loss or loss of earnings from your own decisions.

There is no warranty granted as to the accuracy of the information, although we do attempt to ensure it's up to date and reflects the market conditions. The types of liability we explicitly do not cover from decisions or actions you make take include the following:

  • Any additional costs you may incur for any reason.
  • An increase or decrease in sales, income, or profits for personal or business use.
  • A negative or positive change in personal or business reputuation.
  • Any other impact on you, personal contacts, or your business from using this website and the information contained on the pages.

The above exclusions may not expressly cover all options and are only examples.

Disclosure of Earnings

We do not carry any external advertising on this website nor earn any income from advertising. There are no direct charges to you for using the website. To keep the site free to use at the point of contact we may be paid a commission from companies you choose for your contract. These commissions do not affect the prices you receive nor the recommendations presented to you.

Internet Viruses

We take great care to ensure the website is free from any viruses, trojans or other malicious computer programmes that could affect your connecting device. However, we are not liable for any event that could occur to your device from using this site.

Additionally, you should not attempt to inject such programmes to this website. Any attempts are illegal under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990.

Force Majeure

External events may affect your access to this website outside of our control. We are not liable for any service interruptions from such events. Examples include broadband access, technical issues, government policy, or other acts where we have no control.

Legal Jurisdiction

We operate for UK businesses only and therefore fall under the laws and courts of England and Wales.

Linking to Our Site

You are welcome to link to any page our site from your own website that you own so long as you do so in good faith.

Complaints Process

We attempt to provide excellent service through your dealings with the website and our customer service team. If you feel we have not met your expectations, please email our complaints team at complaints@powerexperts.co.uk who will be happy to assist you.

Policy Revisions

We may revise the terms and conditions contained in this page from time, to time so you should consult this on a regular basis. If you have any concerns, then please contact us.